Sugar we're going down

Fall out boy are on tour, they are in their home city Illinois and they run into some old enemies who threaten to sabotage their show.

Patrick bumps into an Ex who wants him back, but she only wants him for the money.
Pete has to face his oldest enemy who ruined him prom night.
Andy and Joe come across an army of fans who think they are selling out.
One tour, Three weeks, Four boys.
Will FOB resolve their problems or will they forever feel regret from the the past?


5. Cup'a Joe - Andy and Joe

Joe was awakened by the snoring of the only other FOB member left in the house besides himself, Andy.

Joe had known Andy for a while now and had gotten to know his painfully loud snoring by now, but it was still a kick in the brain in the morning.

Joe decided to get up and make a cup of coffee, It was about 11:00, Joe wanted to have slept till 12 'o' Clock but Andy leveled that plan out.

Joe put on the TV and started to sip his coffee, he heard ruffling through in Andy's room, of course it was Andy getting dressed, something Joe had yet to do.

''Yo man, where's my belt?'' Shouted through Andy

''Dude, no idea, still to tired for my brain to.... to Uhhh.... figure that one out.''

''Aha, i guess my snoring woke you?'' Andy shouted smugly at Joe.



It was getting later in the morning so Joe got dressed, then him and Andy headed out, in hope to come across the other boys Pete and Patrick.

On their way through town, they came across a vendor selling concert tickets, he must have noticed that Andy and Joe were in a band and started calling out ''Hey guys! Free interview with guys from FallOutBoy!''

Joe and Andy started telling the guy yo stop but he wouldn't. in all the rush a small crowd gathered around the stall. This was REAL trouble, The boys were forced into doing some interviews, but this just gathered a bigger crowd, until a news crew pulled up for some music network wanting a full scale publicity interview.


Stuff just got real.




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