Sugar we're going down

Fall out boy are on tour, they are in their home city Illinois and they run into some old enemies who threaten to sabotage their show.

Patrick bumps into an Ex who wants him back, but she only wants him for the money.
Pete has to face his oldest enemy who ruined him prom night.
Andy and Joe come across an army of fans who think they are selling out.
One tour, Three weeks, Four boys.
Will FOB resolve their problems or will they forever feel regret from the the past?


2. Bedhead - Pete

-She says she's no good, with words but i'm worse-

It feels weird waking up to Patrick's voice when he isn't even in the same room as me, i don't think i'm gonna get used to it any time soon. At least i woke up at 8:30, not too late and not too early, nice.

I decided i was going to go visit the local music shop today and pick up a new practice amp, i bust my old one when using it at a college gig. By the time I had left the house it was 9:00, so the shop would be open and i would have time to stop of at Target on the way back to grab a Pepsi and a bar of chocolate before the other guys woke up. Patrick would be up early-ish because he had made plans to go visit someplace too, but Andy and Joe wouldn't be up till' at least 12:00. 

It was Spring but it was cold outside and It looked as if it was gonna rain so I grabbed a jacked at my hat and headed out, I heard we weren't big in Illinois yet so i imagined i wouldn't attract any unwanted attention. I put my headphones in my MP3 Player and put on our song ''Dance, Dance''  and started walking, about 5 minutes after i left the house I realized that i had made a wrong turn and had to walk back, by now it was pouring down and i was getting soaked. I heard the jingle  of a phone, i looked around to see whose it was, then i realized it was mine. ''Hello?'' I asked the so far ''unknown caller''    ''Yeah Pete it's Patrick, dude where are you?'' 

''I'm heading down the local music shop, i think its called 'Rock 'n' Jazzers' or something.''   

''Yeah, i know the place, can i meet you there?''

''Sure, i'll see ya there'' I hung up.

Its cool that i had Patrick was coming now, but it was still raining, and that sucked.

Something like an umbrella would sure be nice...

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