[h+] Investigations: The Man From Hades

Set in the year 2031, the story focuses on Sam King, a former soldier who, after having been in an accident, was implanted with several high-tech mechanical prosthesis.

After a stellar career as a Navy SEAL and later a CIA operative, Sam chooses to use his skills for in a more profitable way, so he gets a job as a 'fixer' for the private military company, Olympus Security Services.

But Sam has barely begun this new job before his skills are put to the test, as he has to stop one of the company's - and the world's - best assassins.

Sidenote: I usually spend a lot of work on what I write, and not just the text but also the layout. Unfortunately, Movellas' interface doesn't let me display that properly, so I strongly urge you to download the pdf version of The Man From Hades from the link below. Thank you.



1. Timeline



24th of March, 2006

Samuel King is born to Marie and Kevin King in Brooklyn, New York City.


1st of August, 2023

Sam King takes his GED and with special permission, joins the US Navy at age 17.


4th of December, 2024

Sam King finishes SEAL training and joins the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team Six).


16th of December, 2026

The genocide committed by Afghan dictator, Issamaysin Dabommsinit, forces US and UK intervention; the Third Gulf War begins


19th of January, 2027

A helicopter carrying a SEAL team is ambushed. The surviving members escape the crash site before hostiles arrive. Chief Petty Officer Sam King, presumed KIA, is taken as a prisoner of war.


6th of June, 2027

Dabommsinit is cornered by US Marines when trying to get over the border. The remaining Afghan forces surrender and release all POWs, including Sam King.


14th of October, 2029

A Humvee carrying a SEAL team (including Sam King) is blown up by an IED. All team members survive, but several experience severe wounds, requiring reconstructive surgery and installation of mechanical and cybernetic prosthetics.


20th of October, 2029 

Sam King is retrofitted with cutting edge military prostheses, both physical and neural ones, courtesy of the CIA, in an effort to recruit him.


27th of December, 2030

After spending a little over a year as an operator for the Special Operations Group at the Central Intelligence Agency, Sam King quits.


1st of February, 2031

Sam King has a meeting with Richard Vail, the CEO of Olympus Security Services, in his New York office.

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