A Book Come to Life- Adventure Time

A book inspired to me by the show Adventure Time :)

One day when Princess Bubblegum couldn't find a simple enough way to figure out her equation the Ice King kidnapped her. She found a mysterious book and decided to read through it. She experimented with the book and ended up blacking out blacked out. She and her friends go through a crazy adventure looking for ways to reverse the effects (which you will find out soon).


2. The Ice Queen

Ice King's P.O.V


I got up from the floor. What the flip happened? Did my princess run away? Anger spread through-out my body. I ran to the cage. She was on the floor. Did she get knocked out too? She had the book in her hand. "My book!" I shouted angrily. I took it from her hands while she was still on the floor. I heard something in my room. Confused I ran as quick as I could.

My mouth widened. It's... it's not possible! She's so beautiful...... I have to kidnap that princess! She was wearing a blue dress and had a crown on. She must've heard me because she shot ice bolts at the door. I quickly shot back. She fell over and I ran to her. She shot at me freezing my feet. "Who are you?" she spat out. "Well, I am the Ice King!" I shot out proudly. "Where am I?" she asked. "The Ice Kingdom. In the land of Ooo,". "Thats impossible! Where do I find my way back to the land of Aaa? The Ice Kingdom? Where is Prince Gumball?". "Now now, don't worry deary. I will go bring you some iced coffee and show you around Ooo," I said as soothingly as possible. "Perfect," she muttered. "Im sorry, what's your name again?" I asked. "Ice Queen" she answered quickly. That sounded so familiar.... Hm.... 

I ran to the kitchen and took out some iced coffee. I ran back to find her looking through my things. "Hey! What are you doing?!" I yelled. "Shush, you old wizard,". My eyes widened. I brought her iced coffee and she says that?!? How rude! "We better get going, I have much to show you," I sighed. I showed her out the door. I saw the cage was empty. "THE PRINCESS! HOW DARE SHE LEAVE!!" I yelled. "You kidnap princess'?" she asked. "Yes" I answered. "I kidnap princes'!" she said. We continued talking about all the things we had in common on the way to the Candy Kingdom. I think I'm starting to like her.... No no that's just wizard talk!

When we arrived at the Candy Castle I showed her to the window. We crawled inside. I heard Princess Bubblegum in the hallway. I slowly walked into her room and opened the door. My eyes widened. I couldn't believe it! This isn't possible....

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