A Book Come to Life- Adventure Time

A book inspired to me by the show Adventure Time :)

One day when Princess Bubblegum couldn't find a simple enough way to figure out her equation the Ice King kidnapped her. She found a mysterious book and decided to read through it. She experimented with the book and ended up blacking out blacked out. She and her friends go through a crazy adventure looking for ways to reverse the effects (which you will find out soon).


3. Kidnapping with the Ice Queen

Ice King's P.O.V

Who was this man? He's stealing my princess by mind control or something! The Ice Queen and I grabbed the prince and princess and put ice chains on their arms.

"Prince Gumball, I haven't seen you in a while!" the Ice Queen hissed.

Prince Gumball struggled for a while. I grabbed Princess Bubblegum by the arm and flew out. The Ice Queen followed. When the Ice Kingdom started getting clearer I slowed down. I put Princess Bubblegum on the ground and she automatically started yelling at me. The same happened with the Ice Queen and Prince Gumball.

"Let me go, you jerk!!" Princess Bubblegum yelled loudly.

"Calm down my princess," I said soothingly putting my hands through her hair. PB did something that sounded like a growl. I picked her up again and carried her into my home, and put her in my cage.

"Can I put Prince Gumball in the cage too?" the Ice Queen asked.

"Of course," I said unsure.

Once he was in his cage with my future wife I went to the kitchen.

I grabbed some crackers and cheese and brought them back.

"Here you go honey," I said lovingly to PB. My princess took the crackers and put them in between her and her friend. They both reached for a cracker and there hands met. They both blushed and looked away.

"Hey! She's my princess!!!!" I yelled angrily.

Prince Gumball looked up. "Oh.... sorry,"

I calmed down. What the flip is up with that guy? Are they like cousins? I shrugged it off.


Just then two people came shooting through the door. Finn and another girl... Who was she? Also with them were their pets. Wait who was that cat?!?! I started thinking and trying to put the puzzle pieces together.... Just then they started attacking.


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