A Book Come to Life- Adventure Time

A book inspired to me by the show Adventure Time :)

One day when Princess Bubblegum couldn't find a simple enough way to figure out her equation the Ice King kidnapped her. She found a mysterious book and decided to read through it. She experimented with the book and ended up blacking out blacked out. She and her friends go through a crazy adventure looking for ways to reverse the effects (which you will find out soon).


1. Blacked Out (Short Chapter)

PB's P.O.V


I slowly paced back and forth across my pink candy-filled room. I couldn't believe I couldn't finish the rest of my equation. It was so simple.... *tap tap tap* I quickly got out of my confused trance and starred at the window. I stood there waiting for something to happen. The Ice King shot in and laughed his old wizard like laugh. Crazy and creepy. "Ice King! Get the flip out of here!!" I yelled angrily. "Calm down Princess, I don't want you to get stress lines all over your face." He grabbed my arm and flew out of the room through the window. "Have you ever thought about using a door?" I muttered. "But its so much funner through the window," He giggled. I struggled for a few minutes then decided to give up, When we finally arrived to the Ice Kingdom the Ice King stuck me into the cage where he usually keeps all the Princess' he kidnaps. He locked the door and went into the next room. "I'll be right back sweety!" He sang. I glanced around the room angrily. I saw an old book that looked like it was written by the Ice King. I reached for it through the wide metal bars of the cage. I skimmed through it. I heard the Ice Kings foot steps. I suddenly had an idea. I grabbed a potion from my pocket and sprinkled it all over the worn out book. I had a cheap smile on my face as it started to glow. Then everything got dark. Darker and darker til.... I blacked out.

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