He is Mine

How would it feel to love a celebrity.


1. Love

I watched him sing his song. I was so proud to see him successful and happy. He sings his last word and smiles at me. He was beautiful his blue eyes looking at me like I was the most amazing person ever. He was the  perfect boyfriend he was famous too but that wasn't what I fell in love with. I fell in love with him. Even when my mother died and I was all alone he was there comforting me.

"This song is dedicated to my one true love Isabella"he shouts pointing at me.

Some girls next to me look at me some smile at me while other's give me dirty looks.

I watch him sign autographs for all his fan. One crazy fan runs to me and kisses his lips. I watch with an emotion I can't describe anger and sadness together, upset to see him kissing another girl and jealousy and hatred too. I look at him and burst into tears and run off.

"Izzy it's not what it looks like"he whispers holding my hand.

"I can't believe you Jake"i whisper and turn my head. He turns my head and looks into my eyes. I gaze into his sparkling blue eyes which makes me feel like I'm the only girl for him and he kisses my lips slow but passionate.

"I love you Izzy"he whispers stroking my hair.I love you too Jake I love you. I am the most luckiest girl ever sometimes I wonder if I am in a dream.A dream that will last forever. I hug him and smile when i'm in his arms I feel safe like nothing can hurt me.

I love you more than I love myself.

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