When you choose a girl with natural big boobs.

This isn't really a story, more of an observation...
Title pretty much says it all.


1. True story.

When you choose a girl with big breasts you can expect her to constantly bring attention to them. Either it will be complaining about how she can't buy and shirts/dresses that fit, because of her breast area, or she'll talk about how happy she is for them, because she doesn't need to have them done. Sometimes she'll do both.

You can probably expect her to go through a faze where she says she wants to operate them so they'll be smaller, because they ''get in the way when I play golf'' or ''Do you want two balls hitting you in the face when you run?'' Besides, ''I'm afraid i'll only get jobs because of my breasts, I want to be judged on my abilities!'' She will then continue to wear a very revealing shirt to her job conference. This is also known as a big breasted girls feminist faze.

After a while, she'll come to terms with the fact that they will just remain big...forever. Then she will start complaining about how they are different sizes, how one is always bigger than the other, and it's so obvious.......Because of the revealing shirts. Anyways, imagine having breasts in two different sizes! It's not fun.

Later on she will reach a point where she wants them to be bigger, cause all her small breasted friends are doing it. It's sort of like ''they have a weird shape! I'm sure silicone will help!'' She'll give this up after she sees the price, some girls go through with it anyways....they tend to regret it.


What you're going to have to come to grips with is that when she lays down, her breast will look kinda flat. You know...because she chose not to get the silicone. Also, we all know they are super exiting, but please, just once in a while look us in the eye, instead of just staring at our breasts.

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