You're with me now

Scarlet is a 17 year old girl. She has lived on her own for some weeks now, in London, while her parents are away doing some business in USA. Under theese weeks she has already taken one bad decision, getting close to a guy who treats her badly. When it's about to go to wrong a famous guy steps up and saves her. What will happen? Read and find out ;)


1. No....Don't

He kissed my lips and stroked my hair. I looked into his eyes; they were not as friendly as the first moments of our time together. He grabbed my wrist and held it up on the wall above me "No... Don't" I said and looked down at the ground, a little tear escaped my closed eyes.


"Look up at me!" he hissed and put a hand on my throat starting to push down. I had regretted the moment I met him ever since I found out about his true self. I forced myself to look at him, but I quickly looked down in pain as his hand slapped me across my face. He moved his head toward my ear and whispered "That wasn't pain. Meet me at 11 pm here and I'll show you what is, bitch" He said and pushed me down on the ground and walked away.


I looked a bit after him “Rupert….” Rupert turned to look at me again. “You want more?” He questioned, He grabbed my wrist again and pulled me up…


I sat up my arms wrapped around my legs, my eyes buried down in my legs. I looked up, it was about 6 pm, but still no people were around. I saw someone, He looked at me. I couldn’t see his face because of the shade of the hoody he had on and the little curl over his face. I rubbed the tears from my eyes away, causing my make-up to smudge over my face.


I turned the key to the door of the house. My parents wasn’t home, they has some business traveling in the USA they had to do. I didn’t bother going to the bathroom to fix myself up I just lay down on my soft bed crying myself to sleep...


What do you guys think? :) Sorry that it was a bit short

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