You're with me now

Scarlet is a 17 year old girl. She has lived on her own for some weeks now, in London, while her parents are away doing some business in USA. Under theese weeks she has already taken one bad decision, getting close to a guy who treats her badly. When it's about to go to wrong a famous guy steps up and saves her. What will happen? Read and find out ;)


2. Calls and texts

I woke up all dizzy. I headed towards the bathroom next to my own room. I brushed my ginger curly hair, I washed off my smudged out make-up from my face. I brushed my teeth and looked at myself in the mirror. I had bruises from yesterday…


Suddenly I remembered everything that happened that day. I sat down on the cold floor and wrapped my arms around my legs. After a couple minutes of sitting there, in that position, I got a call from one of my friends.


“Hey Scarlet! Are you free today?”


“Great! Do you wanna go out see a movie or something?”

“Sure! I’d love too”

“So when do you wanna meet?”

There was a little silence in the phone; the thought of where I was going at 11 pm hit me.

“You there?” I heard it say from the phone in my hand.

“Yeah… You choose, just not too late”

“Okay then I’ll meet you at 7 pm by the bus stop. Bye, love you”

“Bye love you too”


I hang up the phone and looked at the clock on my phone.  Only 9:30 am, I had woken up early. I got up from the floor and looked at myself again in the mirror. I put on some new mascara and a bit of eyeliner on my lower eyelid line. I brushed my curly ginger hair up into a pony-tail and got dressed.

After normal morning things like eating breakfast, Doing your bathroom stuff and cleaning a bit up, I walked out the front door of the house.

My phone was buzzing in my pocket; it was a message from Rupert…

         -Remember our little deal. See me at the corner of the street at 11 pm… x

I wanted to throw my phone to the ground, but it would be no use to do it. I walked on the small streets heading towards milkshake city. I heard some screaming girls as I was about to get to my destination, I looked around to see lots of girls fangirling over someone.


One Direction.


 It could only be...

(I know it ain't as detailed as it could be but it will be more detailed when I come a bit more in to the story ;) )



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