Remember Me.

One more story about bullying. Hope you enjoy.


2. Study Hall.

Between every class we have ten minutes to get our things. I see a patch of white which contrasts the blue of my locker. I start to speed-walk towards it. I can read what it says from ten feet away; SLUT. Tears start to form in my eyes. No, I tell myself, I will not cry. Not here, not now. I need to be stronger than the people who hurt me. I rip the piece of paper taped to my locker down. I get my stuff, slam my locker shut, and slide the lock on. Once it clicks into place, I deliver my stuff to the Study Hall room. I hope no one saw the paper before I did. I would die. I still have six minutes so I walk to the bathroom. Before walking into the stall, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I walk towards it and observe my reflection. I'm not that ugly..I'm actually kind of pretty. I have large blue eyes which are always complemented by my light blonde hair, which is shoulder length and very wispy. My skin is lighter, kind of tan, but it looks good with my hair and eyes. My clothes are nice, definitely not top-dollar, but they're cute. I've seen some of the popular girls wearing the same ones. I'm not fat. I'm 13 and I'm only 103 pounds and 5'5". I'm still watching myself in the mirror when Katie walks in. She's laughing with three of her friends when she notices me. I freeze up and put my head down. I make my move to walk out of the bathroom when Katie stops me.

"Where do you think you're going, stupid?" she asks. Her smirk signals the other girls to giggle. 

"Leave me alone, I have to get to class," I reply. They all laugh now. I try to walk out the door, but Katie moves left when I do, leaving no way out. 

"Wow, look at her outfit," one of the other girls sneers. 

"What are you judging me for? I saw you with the same one on last week," I retort with a smile. She looks over at Katie, offended. Katie frowns and steps towards me so she's only inches away from me. 

"What did I just hear come out of your dirty-ass mouth?" she asks.

"The truth," I answer. She pushes me away. "Stop," I say.

"Aww, look who decided to speak up," Katie giggles. "Too late for that, bitch." She pushes me up against the wall, causing me to hit my head on the hand dryer. I squealed. "Hope you've learned not to back-talk me, hoe," she says. Her and her group walk out the door giggling. People say "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." They've obviously never been bullied. My head hurts really bad. I decide to get to class. Once I sit down, the bell rings. Jeremy and a couple of his friends-including Andrew- walk in. 

"Hey, look who's here," Jeremy says. "It's cake-face," he finishes. That hurts. I don't even wear that much makeup. Katie wears more on her eye than I wear on my entire face.

"Hey, look who's here," I mimic, "the jerk who never knows when to shut up."

"Too lazy to come up with your own joke? Or are you just too stupid?" Andrew retorts, causing his friends to laugh. I scowl at him. I try to hide the hurt in my eyes, but I don't know if I do it very effectively. The rest of study hall continues like this, rude remarks are shot at me like I'm a target. Paper balls, pencils, erasers, pretty much everything Andrew and Jeremy could find was thrown at me, too. I tried to ignore it. Then Andrew discovered he could write on the stuff he threw, things like WHORE, BITCH, STUPID, and don't forget UGLY. Sometimes their crap really gets to me.

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