Remember Me.

One more story about bullying. Hope you enjoy.


4. Social Studies.

The bell finally rings, ending science. I get to my locker as quickly as possible. I see that it isn't locked. I'm totally doomed. I open my locker and it's literally stuffed to the top. I'm so stupid, why didn't I double check to make sure it was locked? I start tearing the papers out of my locker. I see black on one, so I open it. BITCH. I'm nice to everyone who's nice to me. I open another: SLUT. I've had one boyfriend. I've never kissed a guy. Another: STUPID. I can't concentrate at school. I'm too busy worrying about what will happen to me next. Another: UGLY. By now I'm tearing up again. I crumple up every one after I read them and throw them on the floor. I'm making a scene, but I don't care. I grab my social studies book and sprint to the class room. Some people are laughing when I walk in. I throw my books down on my desk and lay my head down. I hear them all laugh and call me names. I can't stand it. I have to pretend that it doesn't hurt, but it really does. I lift my head up and glare at them all. After a moment, they feel uncomfortable enough to look away. Social studies drones on. The bell finally rings and I dash out of the class room, dropping some papers on the way out. I run to my locker, throw my stuff in, and then run to the lunch room.

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