Remember Me.

One more story about bullying. Hope you enjoy.


7. Math.

I return to my locker for the last time today. I yank it open and stuff everything in my backpack. I slam the door shut and I hear people snickering. I turn around and I'm inches from Katie and her friends. I put my head down and walk to the math classroom, but not before hearing what Katie had to say about me.

"Seriously, look at the way she walks. It reminds me of a penguin waddling."

"Yeah and she's so ugly," another girl adds. They all laugh. I just continue walking. I stare at my feet with my backpack slung over my shoulder, causing me to lean more to one side. I reach the classroom and slip my backpack off my shoulder and put it under my desk. I lay my head down on my folded arms until class starts, ready for the school day to be over.

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