Remember Me.

One more story about bullying. Hope you enjoy.


5. Lunch.

Today, I decided to eat lunch in the bathroom. In order to do that, I have to make it down to the lunch room before too many others do. I go through the line nervously. I punch in my student ID number to pay. After I'm done, I look around to make sure no one's watching me. I dash to the bathroom and lock myself into one of the larger stalls. I sit on the toilet and pull my legs up towards my chest so no one could tell I was there. I start to eat. I cry while I eat though. Everything is overwhelming. I just want to die. "NO. YOU will NOT think that," I say out loud. I realized that was overreacting.

I ate the rest of my lunch and just left the tray in the bathroom. I waited to make sure no one had come in, so I step out and wash my hands. There's ten minutes until lunch is over. I stare at my reflection again. I'm so unloved and it kills me. That's all I want, love. I just want one person that I can call a friend. I want one person that could be there to help me through tough times. One. If I had been sitting out with the other kids at lunch, I would be covered in food. Some people make it a game to see how much food they can have land on me without me noticing. I hate myself more and more every day. I stay positive and search for my happy ending. Every day I lose hope. I realize little by little that I won't have a happy ending. My dad is dead and Mom is never there for me. She doesn't care about me. I splash some cold water on my face and pat it down to dry it. I brace myself to face everyone else and I walk out of the bathroom.

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