Remember Me.

One more story about bullying. Hope you enjoy.


8. Home.

I trudge to the bus after school, thankful the long day is over. When I sit down, I immediately get a pencil thrown at me. The pointy end hits my face, just my luck. I hate people so much. I just want to be done..that would be nice.  "Hey fatass, you know why no one sits with you? They wouldn't be able to fit," Andrew says with a sneer. His friends laugh like it's the funniest thing they've ever heard. I look at him, my eyes filled with hurt.

"Why do you do this to me?" I ask, in the saddest, quietest voice ever. For one fraction of a second, a look of regret flickers across his face. He just walks away and sits down. He doesn't talk to me the rest of the ride. His friends decide to get off a stop before mine and Jeremy's. I have to face him alone now, great. I stomp off the bus, one last paper airplane soaring through the air to hit my back. I shake my head and glare at everyone on the bus. Once I step off, Jeremy follows. "Go," I say through clenched teeth.

"Listen, I'm sorry. I didn't know it hurt you. Honestly, I could've made him stop," Jeremy says, with a sympathetic and hopeful look on his face. I scoff at him and turn towards him. It was my turn to hurt somebody else for once.

"A little bit too late, don't you think? Everyday, I try so hard to be liked. I try to be friends with someone, anyone. I don't even know why I'm bullied. It hurts so much. I want it to all stop. I'm sick of it. I'm strong everyday, I'm nice to people that are mean to me. I stand my ground to show everyone that it doesn't hurt me, when really, it does." I walk away, and he stands frozen in his tracks, speechless. "Maybe I'll see you someday, because now, I'm leaving," I spit over my shoulder. I sprint home and throw open the door. I don't care about locking it. I speed up the stairs to grab a pen and paper. I quickly scribble out a note.

Mom & Dad, I love you. You did nothing to me to influence this decision. You can thank everyone at school, my Facebook friends, and especially Katie. I'm going to miss you, but I need to go to a better place, where nothing can happen to me. I know I'll see you again someday, Mom, and I can't wait to see you in a short time, Dad. I get to come be with you now. As for you, Mom, remember me.

Katie, thank you for making my life a living hell. I never did one thing to you. I hope you live a life full of guilt and regret. I hope that other people will notice that bullying is an issue now. I hope everyone turns on you, like they did on me. Remember what you did to me.

Jeremy, what happened to being best friends? Remember? When we were little, we used to go to the park together and eat popsicles under that big shady tree. We'd spend hours playing there, spinning on the merry go round, sliding down the slides, and hopping across playground obstacles. With sticky faces, we'd play in the sand and get all dirty, resulting in baths at home. I miss that so much. I get it, we grew up, and we drifted apart. You started not to like me, but I still love you. With all my heart. You've always been my best friend, even after you started to hate me. This isn't your fault though, I promise. Remember me.

Old friends, I don't blame you for ditching me. I wouldn't want to be friends with the biggest loser in the school either. I understand why you don't like me, cause I'm starting not to like me too. I just want to say, I miss our sleepovers and the fun times we used to have together. I still wish you all the best of luck in life, remember me.

The writing is curvy and sloppy. My hand was shaking the entire time, knowing my next move. Tear drops stained the white paper, smudging some of the words. I lay the note on my bed, and go to the kitchen. I grab the biggest knife I can find. I admire it in the sun that drifts through the windows, lighting the room. I carefully hold it and walk up to my room. I log on to Facebook one more time, posting a goodbye status similar to my note but much, much shorter. I leave it logged in, for somebody, anybody, to see all the cruel things people said to me. I hear pounding sounds, someone racing up the stairs. I swiftly move to my door and lock it, right before a body slams into it. 

"STOP LILY!" Jeremy yells. I tell him I'm not, and that I still love him. "I love you too. I love you more than anything, I wish you were still my best friend. I miss everything about the days when we were so close," he whimpers. I walk to the door and stand with my forehead pressed against the cold wood. 

"We are still best friends. As for the old days, me too. Bye Jeremy," I whisper. My throat is tight, trying to refrain from crying. He screams not to do anything I'd regret, and shakes the doorknob frantically. I sit on the floor by my bed, leaning my head back against the mattress. I turn the knife in my hands, hearing Jeremy's cries in the background. It was like the soundtrack of my life ending, my racing heart, the loud cries to stop, the knife sliding into my stomach. I heave forward, screaming, the pain too much to bear. It hurts, but it's better than being here. I cry out in pain, hot tears sliding down my face, leaving a burning trail. I want it to stop. Maybe I shouldn't have done this, but it's too late now. I move like a worm towards the door, knife sticking out of my stomach. I say goodbye to Jeremy again, watching the blood pour out of my body. I was being slowly drained of life, when Jeremy finally bursts through the door, tears falling down his face.

"You're so stupid, Lily, you're so stupid," he repeats, holding my head in his hands. Some of his tears drop onto my face, and he pulls out his phone to call 911. He tells them what happened, and tells me to hang on. 

"I can't, Jeremy. I love you." Those were my last words. My eyes close, and Jeremy started to sob loudly. After he lets most of his tears out, he kisses my forehead, and that was the end.

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