Remember Me.

One more story about bullying. Hope you enjoy.


9. Gone.

*Jeremy's point of view*

My heart is racing, I'm holding Lily's head in my hands. I wish I wouldn't have been so mean to her. I wish she didn't do this. I wish we wouldn't have started to drift apart. I thought she didn't like me anymore. I couldn't stand that, so I had to push myself away from her. I was mean, but it obviously didn't change anything. She still loved me. I wish I would've just told her I missed her sooner. I could've helped, or at least tried. I wouldn't be holding my lifeless friend right now. We could be sitting under the tree at the park, just like we did when we were younger. I miss that so much. I start to sob when I see her eyes close. I cry my eyes out before kissing her cold forehead. She was so beautiful. My best friend was gone. This can't happen. I slowly set her head down before getting up and walking to her open computer. I read her last status, and there's over ten likes on it. Likes? I read some of the comments.

"The bitch just wants attention." 11 likes on that comment. 

"shez bluffinnn." 4 likes.

"good, no one likes her anyways. thank god she's going to be gone from school. i won't have to see her face anymore." 10 likes.

"she won't do it. she wants people to feel bad and like her. well that has never worked before, why would it now?" 7 likes. 

These people are horrible. I decide to comment on the status. "This is Jeremy Iscowzski. I followed Lily home from school because she was worrying me. She's in a better place now, away from all you cruel people. I hate all of you for taking my best friend away from me. I hope you're all happy now. Actually, I hope you feel like complete shitheads. Lily was 13, she had so much life to live. You all took that away from her. I hope you all regret everything you ever said to her. Don't even comment on this anymore. The police will see anything you've ever said to her anyways, and you'll all be in trouble. If you say anything more, it will add to the consequences. Don't even bother deleting anything you've previously said, because I have screenshots.  I miss and love you Lily, I'm so sorry. I hope you can somehow see this." I start to tear up, realizing she's actually gone. I turn back to her, and I start to bawl again. I miss her so much already. I have missed her ever since the day we stopped talking. I want her back. I want to tell her I love her again, hug her again, go back to the way it used to be. I want to be her best friend, the one she could trust with anything. I hear the wail of the ambulance siren. Reality hits me. It's all over. She's gone. She won't walk in to school tomorrow. I walk over to her bed, finding a note. I read it. It breaks my heart that this is the last thing she would ever write. She was a very talented writer. I love that about her. My tears fall onto the page, mixing with what looks like some of her tear stains. I stuff the note in my pocket. Her mom wouldn't come home for a long time anyways, not even with news that her daughter was dead. I hate Katie. I'll never talk to her again. I can't go on without Lily, can I? That's when I do something completely unexpected. I walk over to Lily and yank the knife from her stomach. Footsteps clamber up the stairs quickly. Shouts flood the house. I wipe the knife clean on my shirt, before thrusting it into my own chest. The emergency personnel walk in as I crumble to the ground. They rush to my body, checking my pulse.  "He's alive!" one yells, commanding to get me to a hospital as soon as possible. I spit out some blood, gasping for air.

"I love my mom and my sister. Tell them that," I say. My final words. My eyes reluctantly close, one last time. I hear them check Lily's pulse, announcing that she's dead. The man by my side informs everybody that I'm passing. Nothing could save me. I'm gone, like Lily. Gone.

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