3 Weeks, But who with! Part 1


3. Reveiling the dad.

2 Days later I rang him up, "Hello, it's Jodie is there any chance you could meet me tomorrow if your not busy please, we need to talk, it's better if I tell you in person, Ok i'll see you then. Bye".

That's it time to tell him, why am I so scared. I walked down the road trying to find him, where could he be. Then all of a sudden a load of screaming girls standing by a car shouting, 'Harry, I love you i'm the future Mrs Styles', well I better tell him to drive around them and meet me in the car park a few blocks down.

The car pulled in and he got out of the car, "Hey Harry, we need to talk shall we go somewhere private"

"What's this about Jodie your scaring me" Harry said with a terrrified look on his face,

We go into the back doors of his hotel and go into his room, as we go in Liam, Niall, Zayn and Louis are all sitting there singing a new song they were working on. We went into his room so we were alone.

"So what's this about Jode",

"Harry I have just found out i'm pregnant and your the only person I have slept with in 2 years" I replied.

"OMG! Well I will be here for you don't worry I won't be like those boys who just leave when they find out, but one question would you be offended if I took a DNA test".

"Too be quiet honest I thought you would ask that and of course not i'm sure being a big celeb you would want to".

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