3 Weeks, But who with! Part 1


4. DNA test.

When the baby was born Harry and I went to the doctors and had a DNA test done, I was 100% sure it was his so I had no doubts.

4 Days later and the results were back I rang up harry and said I was coming up to his hotel to open it with him, so I took the results up and we both sat down.

"Ok you ready", I put on a brave face and nod "I am the dad, Jodie don't worry you won't have to do this alone even though we aren't together I will be there for you as much as I can.

"Thanks Harry your a great guy shall we go and tell the guys" He nods and holds my hand as we walk into the room the lads are in.

"Hey guys, we have something to tell you, Jodie's had a baby and it's mine" Harry says with a big smile on his face, the lads all congrateulate us both and wish me luck with all the sleepless nights.


(BBC Three news Harry Styles out of One Direction has had a baby boy with a girl called Jodie Jones we are not sure on the relationship status but he has said he will be there for him, they have named him Edward Styles, we wish them both luck and you never know maybe there will be a new band on the seen in 18 years)


Harry and I started dating a couple of weeks after Edward was born and we are now engaged and have been together for 2 years.

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