3 Weeks, But who with! Part 1


2. Cont...

"Soooo... who's gonna tell me what's wrong, am I really ill, am I dying" I said shaking.

"Don't worry Jodie, It's not as bad as you think. Well it's as bad as you take it really" The nurse replied.

So I grabbed Carly hand as tight as I could.

"You will be pleased to know you are not dying and the fainting was just
you getting worked up"

"Please just tell me before I have a nervous breakdown"

So she went over to the ultra sound monotor and turned it to face me. There it
was, right in front of me, a little baby", "How could this happen I haven't got a...., OMG it can't be"

I ran out of the door before carly could stop me and ran home, it can't be, it can't be I picked up my phone and went through my contacts. H:Henry Richardson, holly Roberts,  there it was in front of my teary eyes........


About 10 mins later carly walked through the door out of breathe, "What's the matter Jodie" She said trying to catch her breathe.
"It's nothing really I just don't know how this happened"
She asked me about the one night stand I had about 3 weeks ago, all she knew about him was, he was tall, had dark hair and green eyes, I didn't go into much detail when I told her about him the night after. I told her that's all I remember about him.
"Don't you remember his name at all or have a number for him, come on Jodie this is a baby we are talking about it can't grow up without a dad".

Ofcourse I knew who the dad was I wasn't that drunk, but I couldn't tell her, she wouldn't believe me. I didn't know what I was gonna do, I need to ring him.

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