3 Weeks, But who with! Part 1


1. What's wrong with me.

I had been throwing up all morning, what was wrong with me I hadn't been out drinking since about 3 weeks ago, I couldnt stop for about 20mins. After I had finished I went downstairs and had something to eat in case I was just hungry but 5 mins later I was sick again. My best mate Carly who I had just moved in a flat with came into the bathroom to make sure I was ok, she brought me in a glass of water and sat with me for a while. About 1 o' clock I was feeling much better so we went down the shop to get some food for the flat, we ended up buying a load of chocolate. For about 3 days I just kept throwing up, so Carly told me I should go to the doctors and get checked out.

(At the doctors)

I was so scared waiting for the nurse to call me in, my hands were as shaky as a trembling earthquake, I kept looking around the room, My heart was beating as fast as a, a cheetah chasing prey. Finally the nurse called me in after 15 mins, I got myself so worked up waiting for the nurse that as soon as I stood up the room started spinning, I couldn't breathe and all of a sudden I dropped to the floor.

I woke up with Carly starring at me with a shocked look on her face, I was getting so worried I pushed her away so I could fade away before she told me.


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