The face in the forest

A mystery story about a young girl and her father that live in a forest and experiance something strange.


9. Why her?

'Dad?' I said in a shaky voice, wondering what he was doing. His face went from extremely happy to upset then to confused. The woman stared blankly at the ground.

'Celia?' my father asked, aiming the question at the woman. I looked at him with a puzzled expression, whose Celia?

The woman looked up, staring right at my father, and for a second I thought I caught a gilmpse of a tear in the corner of her eye.

'Dad whats going on?' My voice sounding even more worried now. George looked slightly confused aswell, although he just carried on observing.

'Celia, is that you?' My dad asked again.

'y-y-yes.' she stuttered, my face lit up in wonder as her voice sounded as smooth as silk. I then looked back to my father and his face was smiley and cheerful, I'd never seen him so happy!

'Father, seriously whats going on?' I queried again. My father sat down on the sofa and held my hands, his happy expression slowly fading.

'Look chloe, I knew this from the beggining but I didn't want to tell you, you were upset enough already.' He sighed 'Celia is your mother. The day I told you she died we had an argument, she ran away and I was certain that she would never return, therefore I told you that she had died. It was for your own good, I didn't want you growing up wondering where your mother was.'

I was stunned. I had nothing to say. I could see George say something to my father in the corner of my eye then he walked out of the house. All my life I thought my mother was dead but she had only been a few meters away. How could this be? I stood up, walked to my room, layed down in my bed and cried myself to sleep. The next morning I woke up, my whole life had changed.

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