The face in the forest

A mystery story about a young girl and her father that live in a forest and experiance something strange.


8. Thats when I saw it...

To pass time I decided to sit in our back garden and relax for a while. I put my sun shades on and rested my head on a rock that was covered in a soft blanket of moss that acted as a cusion. I could hear George calling for the face to appear in the distance, I have to be honest I am rather worried about him being out there alone but he is a trained detective, he can look after himself. I have to stop worrying myself about this. Maybe a little sleep will help. I shut my eyes and went into my own world.

                                           When I woke up everything was silent, then something extraordinary happened. A loud, manly cry came frome the other side of the forest... George! I jumped to my feet and ran in the direction of the noise. It wasn't long before I could see George, and it looked like he was holding something too. I leapt over a fallen tree and raced to his side. He'd caught it. I mean HER. The creature was a her. She was calm and gentle and just as beautiful as she was the first time I'd seen her.

'Here, I believe this is your mysterious 'face'' George pronounced as he turned to face me. ' Nothing to worry about, just a middle-aged woman trying to scare people. She won't be doing it anymore, I am to take her into a care home.'

'Oh thank you so much Sir George!' I exclamied giving him a massive, warm hug.

'It was a pleasure ma'm, now if you dont mind, i'd like to pay my respects to your father, I havent seen him since your mother died.' He told me with a grin on his face.

'Of course' I replied and he followed me; with the woman still tight in his grip, back to my house.

To my surprise, father had casually placed himself on the sofa and was watching tv.

'Dad, Sir george is here to say hello' I told my father

'Sir... Oh! Sir George the detective! How nice to see you again!' Father exclaimed

'It's a delight!' Geroge replied 'I was just helping your lovely daughter with something, she claimed to have seen a strange face in the forest over the past few days so I came to help. It was only a missuderstanding, just an old lady trying to create trouble.' George explained whilst showing my father the woman. At first my father just nodded and smiled but when he took a glance at the woman his features completely changed.

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