The face in the forest

A mystery story about a young girl and her father that live in a forest and experiance something strange.


2. My life

I have rather an odd life. I live alone with my dad and my cat dobby. My father and I have a strong relationship, a bond like a mother and daughter would have. Except, I don't have a mum. Sadly when I was six she died, I can remember crying every second of the day. Still i weep at night and I am ten. Ever since she died I blanked the rest of the world out. I'm damaged. Atleast that's what my father thinks.

                                         Walking home from school is one of the nicest journeys i've had. I live in a little house in the forest. I'm walking along the muddy path, smelling the damp earth on my way, the soft fern tickling my arm. Coming up to the huge oak tree that's my sign that I'm almost home. I smile my innocent little girl smile, tearing up at the happy memories I had with my mum around this tree. We used to play here all the time, she even built me a tree house! I carried on trecking along, my smile slowly fading as the memories washed away, just as my tears did. I have arrived at my house although something didn't feel right. The taste of damp, burning wood flooded my mouth and soon after a smell that matched perfectly to the taste filled my nose. I walked through to the back garden. There, sat among the plants with a small fire burning was my dad. He is a rather old man with a crooked looking frame. Fragile, yet strong enough to build the house we live in. Next to him I saw a large woman. Curious to find out what was going on I scurried over to where my father and the lady sat.

'Hello darling!' the woman politely said. I squinted at her, then gave her a quick 'nice to meet you' kind of smile.

'Chloe this is angela, my new fiance, she...' but my fathers voice drowned out. I felt empty, like I wasn't wanted by the only person left in my life. Fiance? When did this happen? Furious, tears streaming down my face like a waterfall I walked away.

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