The face in the forest

A mystery story about a young girl and her father that live in a forest and experiance something strange.


7. I cant put up with this anymore

Thats it. I've finnished worrying about whats happening. I turfed out all the old holiday brochures from the kitchen draws in search for the leaflet of the detective we used to solve my mothers case when she died. He is supposed to be the best detective around yet he never found anything when it came to my mums death which was odd. I peered through the gap next to the cupboard and there it was, the leaflet. I grabbed it and dusted it off a bit. Quickly I snatched the phone off of the charger and punched the numbers of 'sir george' the detective into it. I waited.


'Is this sir George?' I asked

'Indeed it is, how may I be of service to you ma'm?' George said in a posh tone. I told him everything I knew and where I lived so he could come and investigate. A few hours passed and then I heard a loud 'thud' at the door.

'Ahh! chloe!' Sir George exclaimed. A shock of relief flooded over me, finally someone that could finally help and believe me!

'Where is this 'face' may I ask? he said.

'In the forest, about half a mile south from here... I keep seeing it, it's starting to scare me!' I shouted but lowered my voice at the end.

'No worrys' He replied cheerily ' I'll sort it out, Ill be gone a few hours and should have a clear explanation to give you when I get back. If you need anything, remember you can always call me.' He gave a quick smile and raised his hat as he walked out the door. I trembled, trying not to show my fear. All I can hope is that what he is about to uncover isn't too horrific.

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