The face in the forest

A mystery story about a young girl and her father that live in a forest and experiance something strange.


6. Can I trust him?

The next morning I woke up to the sound of music blasting out of my alarm clock. School. Uh. I slowly got up and went into the bathroom to get ready. I put my uniform on, grabbed my bag and left. It was gloomy and horrible today, I could hear thunder crashing in the distance. The smell of damp earth from where the rain had churned up the soil danced around me. I walked along until I realized that I was no longer on the path anymore, I must have gone the wrong way. I carried on trecking along to see where I would end up. Nowhere apparently. I was just about to turn back when... the face appeared again. It wasn't as mysterious and flawless as it was last time, this time it was dark and evil. It had deep, red, gleaming eyes like a ruby on a neclace and it's face was unaturally pale. I was extremely scared. Then the creature came out of the shadows and went to grab me with it's long, thin, lanky hands. I ran. My shoes flicking mud up the black of my blazer. I kept on running for what seemed like forever yet everytime I turned back the face got nearer and nearer. Finally I could see my house, I searched frantically through my pockets for my keys. This time I would make sure my father believes me. Yet again my father was not at home. At first I thought it was a coincidence that my father is always out when the face appears but perhaps he wants to scare me. Im sure he wouldn't though... or would he?

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