The face in the forest

A mystery story about a young girl and her father that live in a forest and experiance something strange.


3. A ghostly face

'Chloe!' I could hear my fathers cries in the distance. I ran, as fast as i could, back through the forest. I won't cry. I won't let it get to me. I squeezed my eyes to prevent myself from what seemed like a river building up from pooring down my face.

'Pull yourself together' I murmured to myself.

                                                 I carried on walking until i stopped at the old oak tree. Climbing up it I could smell grass, just like on a summers day. The rough bark on the tree grazed my fingers and made them red. When I finally reached the top I could see everything! I felt so free! The way the trees all swayed in unison almost put me in a trance... It was so peaceful. Thats when I heard it. A sharp snap. I peered down through the bushy tree and saw a figure moving rapidly, weeving in and out of some rather large bushes on the ground below. Scampering back down to the moist, muddy floor, I took a guess as to which way the figure had gone and ran after it. Unfortianately, to my dissapointment, I found nothing. I must have imagined it, after all it is quite humid, the heat must be getting to my head. I decided to lay down on the cool soil and rest for a bit. Ahh... the peaceful sound of birds fluttering above me. I closed my eyes...


And there it was! A screech so piercing that it made my stomach churn. My eyes instantly opened and the first thing I saw was the most pale, ghost like face I had ever seen. It had dark eyes as if it were wearing a mask and it's skin... so smooth, not a flaw in sight. The creature was mysterious but surprisingly beautiful. Then it was gone.

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