Behind Closed Doors.

Hannah is your normal teenager; going through emotional and social pressure, whilst her parents suffer a rough patch in their marriage. Suddenly, her boyfriend of eight months breaks up with her, and her whole life goes down the drain. When will it all stop?


3. The Middle.

I spent the weekend in my bedroom. I left my phone off, I didn't eat, I didn't sleep.. All I could do was think about Rob and how much I'd lost after he'd broken up with me. I had a sudden realisation that he was the key to my popularity, and without him, it was all guarenteed to come crashing down to the ground in a burning pile of lies. And now, I won't have anyone to come and salvage what they could from the ashes. I'd burn and burn until the embers die and there's nothing left. 

At one point on the Sunday, I sat up in bed and just stared at the wall, shaking. My palms were covered in sweat, and I couldn't stop wringing my hands together. I thought I could hear Rob's voice downstairs, along with everyone else's; Sophia, Lucy, Sam.. Even Josie, although I knew she envied me for being chosen by Rob over her. I ran to my window when I heard a can being dropped on the pavement outside and peeled back a corner of the curtain, squinting as the daylight forced its way through. After my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw them all walking past. Soph's hair was braided and knotted, her pink streak visible through the intricately tangled mass, Lucy and Sam were chattering over a sneaky can of beer, the other one left to be crushed on the floor a few metres back. And then there was Rob, with his hand intwined with a black haired girl who could only be Josie. 

The envy built up inside of me. He left me for Josie. 

How? Why? What does she have that I don't? Has he been with her since he broke up with me? Or was he cheating on me? 

All I knew was that I was determined to find out. 




That Monday, I walked into school as if it was any other day, with my head held high and my hair let down. I refused to let Rob see how upset I had been. 

I walked to where I usually met Sophia, and waited. I watched the other students walk past, and suddenly, something felt wrong. I was getting weird looks. Everytime someone walked past me, they would turn to their friends and giggle, or point not-so-subtly, or just talk in a stage whisper so I could hear them. 

'She's the girl that Rob dumped.'

'That's that footballer's ex. You know? The one in the year above?'

'Sam said that the emo there cuts herself, especially after Rob dumped her.' 

Soon, the laughter and talking became too much, I turned to walk away. That was when I walked straight into him, dropping my coat and knocking him into one of his friends. Soph was just a ways behind him, and Josie clung to him like a spiders web. His goofy, silly smile faded when he saw who it was who had bumped into him, and when he went to say something, Josie interrupted. 

'God, Hannah. I'm surprised you had the guts to come over here. Aren't you embarrassed?' 

'Yeah, Hannah. Haven't you got somewhere to be? A dark room, maybe? With something sharp?' 

I mustered up all of my courage as the envy and rage built up in my stomach. I wanted to hit something, or someone, before I hurt myself by punching a wall. 

'You're all cowards,' I muttered to them forcibly. 'Cowards. Grow up a bit, will you? I don't care what you say, or what you do. It's none of my concern anymore, and I wouldn't want it to be, anyway.' 

I started to walk away, when all I heard was laughter coming at me from all directions. Even Rob's mouth has turned up at the edges. He didn't have a single trace of remorse on his face when I stared at them all with tears in my eyes. I was ashamed. I was embarrassed. And most of all, I didn't want to be there anymore. 


It took me five minutes to run home and shut myself in the bathroom. 

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