Opposites Attract

I am Kelly Clark: Popular and pretty.Envied by the girls and desired by the boys but i just want to blend in
I am Calen Bleeker: Geeky and an outcast. I just want people to like me.

Two worlds about to collide.
Opposites really do attract.


3. Take My Advice

Poor Kelly, she was stuck with me for the rest of the term, dont know why I was bothering though, it wasn't like i'd picked her. I didn't really like her... she seemed full of herself and a bit of an airhead.  Not my type of person. I was a geek and managed to prove that again by being the only one to hand in the work. At least it kept my teachers happy. As soon as the bell rang I rushed from the class and headed to my next one, English, right where I belong.

* * *

"Take my advice Tia, stay away from him! He's bad news!" I warned her, too bad she wasn't listening.

"He's not, he's a real softie inside and he cares about me!" Tia replied.

"He doesn't Tia! He's just taking an interest in you cause you're there! How many girlfriends has he had now? Do you really think he cared about every single one of them?" Sadie said, trying to get through to her.

Tia's eyes were ablaze. "She stood up and glared at us. "For your information, Dylan does care about me and we're going to last!"She took her hair out of her ponytail, unbuttoned her top a little more, pulled her skirt up a little shorter and slipped off her tie. She scanned the playground and set her gaze on Dylan and his gang leaning against the fence. She walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder, he spun around and looked at her. She smiled, grabbed him by the tie and pulled him in. He joind in happily.

"Is he trying to swallow her or something?" Sadie asked, sounding slightly sick.

"She didn't waste her time," I said. We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

I knew Tia would get hurt but I had warned her. Tia loved danger, it was like a moth to a flame, she'd do it, even if she knew it would end wih heartbreak.


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