Opposites Attract

I am Kelly Clark: Popular and pretty.Envied by the girls and desired by the boys but i just want to blend in
I am Calen Bleeker: Geeky and an outcast. I just want people to like me.

Two worlds about to collide.
Opposites really do attract.


2. An Awkward Partnership

"Ok, ok, settle down everyone," Mr Rye said. Mr Rye was a balding biology teacher who wore gayrish ties and broken specs. Biology wasn't my strongest subject but the teachers liked me anyway.

"Today we're going to be studying and identifying specimen under a telescope. I have put you into pairs for the term so let's get started." Mr Rye droned.

My Rye went through the list putting my classmates into pairs, eventually he got to me.

"Ah Calen. Well you'll be going with Kelly."

I looked across the room. Kelly was pretty and blonde. She was popular and all the boys fancied her, I felt sorry for her, having to work with me. The nerdy guy with the messy hair and the thick specs.

She stood up, smoothing her hair, and picked up her bag. She walked over to my desk and sat down.

"Um...Hi," she said awkwardly.

"Hi," I replied.

                                                                                     * * *

Great! I thought. I'm with Calen. Nerdy, outcast, loner Calen. I ignored any attempts at conversation. I just wanted the bell to ring so I could get out of this classroom. Out of this awkward silent nightmare.

That's when my ears picked up the one sound that I did not want to hear. I spun around Tia was giggling at one of Dylan's rude and mean jokes. I had told Tia to stay away from him. He's trouble, I had told her. He'll hurt you, I said. But Tia had just smiled. She couldn't help it. It was like a moth to a flame, she couldn't resist, even though she knew it would end with frazzled wings. I knew what Tia was planning with Dylan. They would meet up after school. Dylan without his gang.Tia would flatter him and flirt with him, and by the end of the week they would be snogging behing the bike sheds but Dylan wasn't the kind of guy that would stick with a girl like Tia for long. Dylan was arrogant, he wants to be in charge but Tia is not one to be bossed around. She does what she wants when she wants and no guy could change that. Dylan had girls queueing up to go out with him. They seemed to like the danger and the arrogance that Dylan had in bucketloads. All the girls wanted a bad boy, but why? I wanted a cute, kind, interesting guy. Someone who will take care of me and wants to be with me for my personality, not my snogging skills.

I turned back around to Calen and rolled my eyes. He seemed to be the only one in the whole class who was actually doing the work. I looked around at my fellow pupils. Sadie was filing her nails, Rooney was smoking a fag, Tia was edging closer to Dylan, their arms brushing and then their was me and what was I doing? Absolutely nothing. At last everything was back to normal.

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