Opposites Attract

I am Kelly Clark: Popular and pretty.Envied by the girls and desired by the boys but i just want to blend in
I am Calen Bleeker: Geeky and an outcast. I just want people to like me.

Two worlds about to collide.
Opposites really do attract.


1. Welcome Back

I walked across the playground, my shoulders hunched. I ducked my head when i passed Dylan's gang but they still caught me.

" Oi! Where d'you think you're going? What about our little arrangement?" shouted Dylan.

I closed my eyes and sighed. Today, I wanted my lunch money but i had no choice. I turned around to face Dylan and his gang a.k.a the chavs. Their hair was spiky and streaked blonde, obviously out of a packet. They were wearing trackies and hoodies. I coulld see that Rooney Fieldman was holding a fag.

" Your lunch money?" requested Dylan, an evil smile on his face.

I took my bag off my back and started searching through my bag for my lunch money. The chavs surrounded me as i rifled through my stuff.

Rooney grabbed a stack of papers filled with my revision, for my exams, that I'd been doing for weeks, and threw them to the ground. What a surprise, they landed right in a puddle. I handed over my lunch money and bent down to try and save my work.

"Welcome back Calen," laughed Dylan and with that the chavs walked off. I grabbed the remains of my sodden revision and stood up. I started to walk towards school, just as the bell rang.

                                                                                  *  *  *

I sat down at my desk and my friends ran over to greet me.

"Hi Kelly!" said Sadie.

"How are you?" asked Tia.

"Fine thanks girls, how were your holidays?" I asked.

"Great thanks."

"Yeah, pretty good."

I was Kelly Clark. Popularand Pretty. Envied by the girls desired by the boys, yet I just wanted to blend in, no chance of that. That's when Dylan walked in. He swaggered over towards my desk and slumed into the chair beside me.

"Hey babe," said Dylan. I rolled my eyes. Despite what people thought, i didn't fancy Dylan Williamson. As a matter of fact, I think he's vile.

Calen Bleeker walked in carrying a soaking wet pile of papers and Dylan and his gang laughed.

I glanced over at Calen.

His dark hair was messy and it looked like it hadn't been brushed. His glasses were thick and square. His uniform was neat and practically perfect apart from the mud on his shoes. I didnt really know Calen Bleeker but I did know that he was a loner, an outcast. I felt sorry for him. Dylan and his gang obviously made his life difficult but..well...it wasn't my problem.

                                                                                  * * *



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