little red

A young girl who is bullied at school but finds her self wandering into a mystical world with her best friend where she s respected!


2. The bully

I walked in to scool and for the first day since year 4 I was greeted with silence. It was so confusing, well until I saw Yyvana. She had a smirk on her and Oliver was on her arm with tears streaming down his face, and a deep gash across his cheek. Then Mark, Yyvana's boyfriend, started laughing and pulled out a knife and slowly walked  towards me. I woke up breathing heavily and automatically touched my cheek but thankfully there was nothing there. My phone buzzed and the notification bar came up with the message icon. Reaching towards it I fell out of bed. The message said "Hey Red. Have you burnt down yet? Pluz I have no secret that you could know. Prepare for hell today. Yyvana xxxx"  

My Mum drove me down to school and I stood outside the door waiting for Oliver as I always do. Suddenly I fall on my face and hear giggling. "Oh Red, I'm so sorry! I honestly  did not see you there. It's quite odd really I don't know how I missed you with your hair. Hehehehehe"

We got back our English tests and Engish is Yyvana's favorite subject and what she is best at so when we got our test results and I got 100 percent and Yyvana only got 90 percent she came up to me and slapped me leaving a red hand mark across my face. Oliver then told Yyvana what he thought of her and it made Yyvana, who still thought that Oliver was just pitying me, run into the bathroom to cry!

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