little red

A young girl who is bullied at school but finds her self wandering into a mystical world with her best friend where she s respected!


1. I am red

I am red. The small quiet, red head. The girl you call fire, the girl you say not to go near unless you want to get burned.

My only friend is Oliver and even he makes fun of my hair. Though not in the way you do. You once got your boyfriend and his friends to 'practice' their fighting on me when I was only 12! I used to cry and feel sorry for myself but not any more, not since I found out your secret!


That is the letter I sent to Yyvana the class bully. Everything I said was true. She gets her boyfriend to bully me and she calls me names and does the bullying forher self when he' s not there. Most people are too afraid of her to befriend me exept for one person, Oliver her ex-boyfriend. She started cheating on him and so eventually he left her and befriended me! Ever since then she has found every single opportunity to tease me or make fun of me. I always had been teased about my hair as it is a strong red and looks like fire. The first day that Oliver sat with me at lunch she came over and toutched my hair screaming "Ouch! Her hair burnt me! The witch! Everyone stay away from her or she will set you on fire!" and that was the day that the bullying started.....

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