Never forget me

When Samantha moves house with her friend Kate, she realises some strage occurrences and some strange things going on, ts probably nothing.....or is it ?


2. should I ??

Samantha was suddenly out of breath. She was hyperventilating. Sould she tell Kate ? She didn't want a fuss, she wanted everything to be perfect, but nothing was ever perfect.
"Sam !!!!!!!! Are you done yet ?? " She swiped the picture aside. "come on then let's see !"
"'s not working.. The ...uh...thing...the photo was to blurry, "
"awww, oh well we'll do it again in the morning, come on its late now, let's get up stairs get ready for bed and watch a scary movie ??" said Kate sounding more excited than anyone had ever been
"I'll set the DVD up, we're gonna watch, the ring !!!!!!"
Samantha walked up stairs and got changed and showered, as she clambered into bed, she slid out the picture of her andemma out from under her pillow. Kate burst in unexpectedly.
"Emma, no ignore that I mean Kate, that was scary"
"whatcha got there mate ?... Sam ? Aww, that's nice, who's that ??
"it's me and my old best friend Emma...
"what do you mean OLD best friend ?"
"she's dead......"
oh my god I'm so sorry Sam !! I didn't know, aww I feel so terrible!!"
"it's not your fault, "
Sam pressed play on the remote, as the ring started to play Kate switched off all the lights, shut the door and snuggled by Sam in the puffy pink quilts.
Then it happened.
The thing she was afraid of......
The white figure from the photo...
Stood behind the door.
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