Never forget me

When Samantha moves house with her friend Kate, she realises some strage occurrences and some strange things going on, ts probably nothing.....or is it ?


1. New life

"Kate could you Grab that box out of the trunk ?" asked Samantha, hauling a box of china plates, teacups, and a whole other bunch of things. " ok, it's weird isn't it ? You know, living on our own, new responsibilities, new friends, new home, new life !!"
"yeah, so strange, not having mum and dad to rely on, I like it though, I feel free, alive now !"
As the last crate was unpacked, Samantha found a picture of her and her old best friend Emma, she died of cancer two years ago, Samantha shed a single crystal clear, tear, and placed the photograph onto her bedside table. Samantha heard Kate's footsteps coming up the stairs, she hid the photo, she'd never told Kate about Emma, it didn't feel right. "come here ! I want a picture of us here, on our first day !!" Kate dragged Samantha to her side and pulled a big cheesy grin, Samantha managed a small grin as the camera was clicked. "I'll get this developed, be right back..." Samantha back out of the bedroom and shut the door behind her, as she reached the living room, she broke, as all the memories of her and Emma came back to her, she realised she was gone forever. When she managed to pull her self together and after the photo was developed, she rubbed her eyes. What ? No? She rubbed her eyes again, still there. In the photo as she looked closer and closer she saw it. It was real, there. Samantha could see a white figure behind Kate. Staring at her..... Like she wanted her dead......
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