Never forget me

When Samantha moves house with her friend Kate, she realises some strage occurrences and some strange things going on, ts probably nothing.....or is it ?


8. Choices

Sam saw black. that's all she could remember. 

"Samantha ?? C'mon honey you alright ??" said Sam's mum hanging over her. 

"Yeah, Uh, what happened ? did i fall ?"

"No Sam you fainted, you fainted because of the Wigi board, it spelled Emma when you asked who she was..."

"No, No, SHE'S DEAD ! shes never coming back stop all of this i don't need to be taken care of or looked after because my friend died !! I've moved on !!" 

Samantha ran upstairs and collapsed onto her bed, she cried until the figure returned, 

"This is all your fault !!" she shouted, "leave me alone !!!!!!!" 

the figure floated closer and whispered, " Ok, I thought you said you couldn't replace me ? you said you'd never let go Sam, and you broke your promise, we agreed we'd never do that, Sam, you lied......" 

As Emma flew away, Sam grabbed a leg " why did you hurt Kate ?? she doesn't even know who you are, will she live ??" 

"not unless you pay the price..."

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