How You Changed.

What happens when best friends turn to mortal enemies?
Lucy-Rose is 14. She lives in her small council house on Ivory Road with her three little brothers and misunderstanding parents, amid her piles of schoolwork and GCSE revision.
She is, as every story seems to suggest, an average English teenager.
Or, she was.

Lucy gets discovered by a modelling agency, but on the same day she is involved in a terrible accident that turns her whole life upside down. Soon, a street gang is searching for her and monitoring her every move.
Nobody seems to know why or who leads the gang, but all of a sudden the walls seem to be closing in, as everyone turns against her.

There is nowhere to run when your own friends want you dead...


4. "They're scarring."

Look down. Don't talk to anyone. Just keep walking. Concentrate. Focus. 

I shut my front door softly behind me, shrugging my bag over my shoulder. My mind ached with dread, feeling heavy and making me feel ill. I turned and started walking. Left, right, left, right. Head down. My eyes scanned over my reflection in the puddles on the road; I looked awful. The pain was showing in my face. Don't let it. Smile. Breathe. I tried a little smile to myself, but somehow I couldn't. It hurt to smile - smiling was something I had to do for my job. As soon as I was out of the studio and onto the street, the smile faded. It was fake anyway; all smiles of mine were. 

"You know, you should really do something about those marks on your arm.."


I whipped round, stepping in a puddle as I did so, spraying water all up my legs. Great. I stammered, anxious.

"W...what are on about? What marks?" 

My brother rolled his eyes. He had big, hazel eyes and fuzzy ginger-brown hair, and a cute little half smile that made him pretty popular in his year with the girls. No wonder. He looked nothing like me. 

"You're such a bad liar." He said, walking up to me and pulling up my blazer sleeve. There, revealed, were the burns. 

My heart started pounding. I loved Ed, and we'd always had a special bond, more than Caleb or Isaac anyway. Ed was 12, but he was a bright kid and knew most things about me. Not everything though. Everyone has their secrets. 

He studied the marks, keeping his hand on my blazer sleeve so that I couldn't pull it down. 

"They're scarring." 

"You think I don't know that?!" Frustrated, I pulled away and tried to walk in the opposite direction. He pulled me back, stared at me. He knew. 

"Why'd you listen to them? You know what really happened, so there's no point in believing otherwise. You were there."

I felt my eyes burning. 

"Ed, this really isn't the time! Just... leave me alone, okay! I don't need you or anyone else's help!"

Storming off, I could feel him staring at me, hear his feet behind me, slowly. But he was keeping up. I turned to scream at him to go away, mind his own business, but his voice came first. 

"Yeah. You keep telling yourself that." 

I heard the horrible sound of the school bus screech down the road, splashing even more water on me, onto my hair. Why did it always happen to me?! I spluttered, watching it come to a stop on the corner. Ed pushed past me.

"Sorry, I have a bus to catch."

I picked up my sodden bag and followed close behind. I can remember, vaguely, when me and my little brother used to laugh and talk about everything and anything. Now it was just him trying to help me and me turning it away. I knew that, I knew it was my fault. 

Everything was.   





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