How You Changed.

What happens when best friends turn to mortal enemies?
Lucy-Rose is 14. She lives in her small council house on Ivory Road with her three little brothers and misunderstanding parents, amid her piles of schoolwork and GCSE revision.
She is, as every story seems to suggest, an average English teenager.
Or, she was.

Lucy gets discovered by a modelling agency, but on the same day she is involved in a terrible accident that turns her whole life upside down. Soon, a street gang is searching for her and monitoring her every move.
Nobody seems to know why or who leads the gang, but all of a sudden the walls seem to be closing in, as everyone turns against her.

There is nowhere to run when your own friends want you dead...


3. "But then, I've always hated goodbyes."


It's the last day of Year 6, the last day of childhood innocence, the last day of Alliston Primary.  

I'm staring up at the balloons we all let off to celebrate our leaving for good. They're drifting off high into the sky now - like tiny little dots, the best part of my life flying further and further out of reach. We each had a balloon, and we all wrote messages on them to the school and the teachers and to thank them for the 7 years we spent there. I'm feeling horribly quiet at that moment, because even before everything, I knew that nothing could beat Alliston.

Erin's standing next to me. She looks older than before, but still young and angelic. Her eyes are sparkling at the beautiful sight of 50 balloons floating away, and she's laughing at the excitement of it all. I reach for her hand and squeeze it. We both turn to look at each other, and she squeezes back. 

And suddenly, I'm crying. We're all crying, all of us Alliston girls that used to be the best of friends, and we're all holding each other in a group hug, not letting go, because that hug symbolised our childhood, and we didn't want to let go of it. But me and Erin are in the centre, and we're crying on each other's shoulder. They seem like pointless tears now, but then, it was a really emotional day.

The bell goes for the end of the day, and the end of our primary school days. We finish crying and sign each other's light blue shirts, whooping and cheering and celebrating. Erin suddenly grabs my hand. As everyone's leaving, she quickly says, "Follow me Luce. This school won't be forgetting us yet."

And we run down, no-one noticing us, down the back of the school and into the field, right across the field, to a fence. Erin produces a dark purple pen, and starts inking into the fence,

"Erin Ashcroft + Lucy-Rose Parker were here on the last day of Year 6. You better not forget us Alliston! xoxoxo" 

I grin and draw hearts around the message. We're a part of the school now, for all to see. I feel so much better, and me and my best friend hug each other tight. 

We run back. Run away from the field. Run away from everything we ever loved. We say our goodbyes and we say hello to summer, and St Alexanders School. 

But then, I've always hated goodbyes. 

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