My first movella, adapted from something I wrote a few years ago. I'm not the kind of guy who has the motivation to write new stories from scratch :)

Read and enjoy, I suppose!


2. Mission

The MOD Disaster Survival Division base was cold. Too cold. Lieutenant Ryan Steel savoured the chance to go to the surface once in a while. The Disaster Survival Division was formed to be able to outlast and react to any nuclear attack or natural disaster. It was constructed out of a lead-concrete mixture and built underground in a small town in the countryside of England. The entrance was through the back of a bakery, where nobody would suspect it. In mid-winter the temperature could be as low as 5°C inside the base, as it received no external warmth, and the Division wanted to remain invisible to enemy thermal imaging. However, when Lieutenant Steel went to take over from the other guard patrol masquerading as shop assistants, he did not expect to see a group of angry, green, teeth-baring monsters staring hungrily at him. Then events happened in rapid succession. First, Ryan screamed. Then he ran back to the base entrance. He looked over his shoulder and screamed again. Eventually he got to the door and slammed it behind him, activating the deadlock. ‘What were those things? What were they doing? Are they human?’ he thought to himself. He looked through the reinforced window and was greeted by the toothy grin of one of the monsters. Its stinky breath was misting up the glass.


He ran to the commander’s office. Without bothering to knock, he burst into the room shouting, “Monsters! Incursion at the bakery! Your orders, sir?” The commander was a short man but well-built and in his forties. He swivelled his chair to face the Corporal, “We are aware of the situation,” he said in a deep voice. “I saw them on the CCTV footage. Everyone in the base has been alerted of the situation. You were at the other end of the base when this happened, so we weren’t able to contact you in time. It seems like the monsters were created by a gamma wave that mutated people’s DNA”. At this Ryan’s jaw dropped open. “So, those two monsters I saw, were they the other patrol?” The commander nodded in sympathy. “Yes.  The wave also has a psychological effect on its victims. It instigates them to hunt down other humans and ‘recruit’ them as well. However, this location is theoretically impregnable. You sealed the front entrance, so we’re safe for now. Also, since we are undetectable by radar and thermal imaging, it is unlikely that more of them will track us down, other than the two on our doorstep. By now there should be a legion of monsters at our front door. This has affected the whole world, not just England.  98% of the population have already transformed. Fortunately the wave was repelled by our lead lined foundations, so there’s no risk of us transforming.” Ryan was getting impatient. “Yes, but what do we do about it?”  The older man’s face darkened slightly.”That brings me to my next point.  You have a new mission: get to Cambridge University. Researchers there have been working on a high-energy waveform generator, which should be able to reverse the effects. We have prepared this,” he brandished a CD in his hand. “It contains the opposite waveform that should reverse the effects of the mutation. I’ve authorised a helicopter but beware: you’ll have to find the generator without it. It is somewhere within King’s College.” Ryan took the CD and left the room. If there was more to be said, the commander would have said it. Now was the time for action.

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