My first movella, adapted from something I wrote a few years ago. I'm not the kind of guy who has the motivation to write new stories from scratch :)

Read and enjoy, I suppose!


3. Encounter

First Ryan visited the weapons storeroom. He armed himself with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and a much larger L98A2 combat rifle. He put the pistol in a holster and strapped the rifle to his back. Then Ryan hurriedly walked to the helipad. He climbed aboard the only helicopter and started the ignition. The blades spun slowly around the helicopter like a peaceful carousel. What was about to happen wasn’t nearly as peaceful. He increased the throttle and radioed the technician to open the dome. Ryan rose above the base, and as he got further away, he could tell why it hadn’t been discovered. There were no visible signs of anything existing behind the bakery. The radio beeped, and another technician reported the co-ordinates of King’s College.


As he flew over towns and cities, it was clear that panic was starting to break out. Small and large buildings were engulfed in flames, and groups of monsters were systematically scouring buildings for more recruits. Ryan picked up the pace, flying over countless similar settlements on his journey. He eventually reached the City of Cambridge, noticing large stone buildings and the winding river. He tracked down his co-ordinates to a fancy-looking church-like building surrounded by vibrant green lawns and a low barrier wall. There wouldn’t be much cover if he was attacked. Ryan started a heat-sensing scan from the helicopter’s digital camera and found about two hundred monsters in the whole college. He decided to land near the coldest spot; it seemed to be a lab of some kind. After landing the helicopter on the open area in the centre of the college, he immediately noticed two monsters staring at him from the shadows. Ryan loosed two bullets from his pistol. They both crumpled to the floor. Ryan knew he had to be careful. He was outnumbered two hundred to one, and he wasn’t carrying enough ammunition to take on all of the monsters. He had to get to the experimental waveform generator soon.


He ran towards the nearest door and saw another monster. He shot it. Only 27 bullets left. He entered the room to find a group of five monsters milling a staircase. There didn’t seem to be anything at the bottom level so he took them out. 26, 25, 24. He missed once. 23, 22, 21 bullets remaining. As he climbed the staircase, a monster dropped out of nowhere in front of him. Ryan could smell the acrid stench of the monster’s breath. The monster appeared to be disorientated, as if he had no idea where he was. Ryan reacted more quickly, shooting it twice in the chest. He carried on. 19 more bullets. Ryan arrived in a spacious but cluttered room with approximately thirty creatures around the edges. One survivor was slowly transforming, a group of monsters huddling around like children huddle around a camp fire for warmth. If only he could have got here sooner, he thought to himself. Ryan pulled out his rifle, clicked off the safety and switched it to fully automatic firing mode. The monsters fell without resistance as he mowed them down. The sound of his gunfire blocked out the dying screams of the once-human being. He ran out of ammunition on the twenty-eighth one and was forced to use his pistol again. 18, then 17 bullets remaining. The machine didn’t appear to be in this room, so Ryan climbed out of a window on to the roof.


He was safer up here and had time to look around. He saw a modernistic extension to the main building made out of metal and glass instead of stone. He reloaded his pistol now, as he knew he might not have a chance to later. He discarded the nearly empty magazine and inserted a fresh one of 15 rounds. Two monsters guarded the entrance. He climbed down, ran towards the room and shot the two monsters. 13 bullets. In the room, there appeared to be a sort of large device in the centre that was as tall as the ceiling. Ryan hoped this was the waveform generator. It was his only hope. Then, a horde of monsters appeared from the shadows. He didn’t have time to think while dodging the monsters’ serrated fangs; shooting them shortly after. He had just three bullets left.


Without checking if there were any more creatures, he sprinted to the device and shoved the CD into an appropriate looking slot. As he did so, the head alien appeared from behind and slashed at Ryan’s head. Ryan threw himself to the floor just in time. He shot the creature twice in the head and once in the chest. The creature deflected them all with strange flashes of light that enveloped his body. “Foolish mortal. You will pay for banishing my kind to Doomlock, like the rest of your race already has.” The alien proceeded to spit up a kind of green gas. It eagerly engulfed Ryan and soon the entire room had taken on a musty yellow hue. Ryan’s vision began to blur. He felt immense pain all over his body, as if someone had ripped off his skin and poured salt all over his bleeding carcass. He realised that he was gradually transforming. Just like the rest of them.


He wondered if he would still be conscious, or if his mind would be taken over when he was transformed. He didn’t want to be aware of doing any evil things when he had no control over them. He didn’t want to live as a monster.


Just as he was deliberating, a sense of calm came over him. His increasing pain slowed, then stopped all together. Ryan wondered where all this was coming from. He had assumed transforming into a monster would be rather painful, like the pain he had already felt. Could it be – Yes! He had completely forgotten about the generator. The alien didn’t seem notice it at first either. But now they were both starting to feel the effects. For Ryan, it was an incredibly relaxing experience, and didn’t hurt in the least. His senses returned to their normal acute levels and his head felt as clear as if he had been dropped in an ice-cold lake.


The alien however, did not receive such positive effects. His entire molecular structure was built of alien DNA to begin with – he was an ‘original’ alien. His DNA was mutated over and over, becoming more and more human-like. His eyes lost their yellow glow; his skeleton straightened up; the green tinge of his skin disappeared. He stood there for several seconds, until his body crumpled to the floor. The corpse liquefied, and he was reduced to a pungent puddle of green liquid.


He had done it. He had saved everyone. All over the world, people began to regain their human features and found themselves in questionable situations. And yet, no-one would know it was him. No-one would even know what happened. But for the planet’s security (and dignity), the matter would remain a secret. It would probably be attributed to some seemingly implausible factor such as global warming or deforestation. Nobody would ever know.

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