A New York life

When Mia moves from freezing cold Cornwall to sunny New york she makes a group of wonderful friends who will do anything for her, even if it includes pretending she is amazing at ice skating. Mia is happy with her life until a Canadian boy turns up right next door. She will do anything to get him.


3. The lie

The doorbell gave a shrill ring and Mia got up from her seat on the sofa, chucking down her 'heat' magazine. "Come upstairs." Mia reluctantly lead her friends upstairs and into her bedroom. "Oh." Silence floated in the air "Its awful, isn't it?"

Lucy gave Mia a nervous glance "I dunno.. its..um... different."

"Definitely different." Agreed Wenna. Mia sunk onto her bed and picked up her phone.

"What in the name of Olly Murs do you think you are doing?" A exasperated sigh escaped from Lowenna's mouth when Lucy quoted her favourite saying. "I am phoning the paint shop and ordering paints! My room looks dire."

"It doesn't look that bad..."

"Yes it does!" interuppted Mia

Their conversation was interrupted by the doorbell going. "I'll get it!" Mia shouted down the stairs to her mum. She chucked her phone onto her bed, ran downstairs and froze. Standing outside the front door was Troy. Panicking, Mia ran back upstairs and dived onto her bed.

"Woah, calm down tiger!" Lucy jumped out of the way just in time.

"It's him!" Mia hissed "It's Troy, he is outside my door and I don't know what to do!"

The doorbell went again along with Troy's voice "Hello? anybody home?"

"Crap!" Mia pushed Lowenna out of her bedroom door. "You answer it!"

"No! What? oh, fine!"

Lowenna walked down the stairs only pausing to look back and give a silly nervous grin.

Mia gave Lucy an axious look when Troy's voice floated upstairs "Oh, heey, i wasn't expecting you, is Mia in?"

Mia stared at Lucy, how could Troy know that Mia lived in that house?

"She is upstairs.Follow me"

Lowenna ran half way up the stairs before beckoning for Troy to follow her. Mia and Lucy just managed to grab a magazine each and look slightly normal before Troy entered the room. "Hi Mia, hi Lucy"

"Um.. how do you know my name?" Lucy looked at Mia and Lowenna but they only shrugged.

"My mum knows Mia's mum, as we do sort of.. um..live next door to each other."

Lucy and Lowenna looked questioningly at Mia but she only gave a perplexed look back.

"Um.. nice room." It was obvious Troy was lying.

"No it isn't!" Mia looked into Troy's eyes and stopped dead, his eyes were baby blue with golden flecks. Mia instantly forgot what she was saying, she was too busy staring into Troy's eyes. "Um.. are you ok?" Troy look genuinely worried. Mia heart skipped a beat, he was so kind.


"What she was saying is that her mum decorated it, that is why it is so bad."

"Oh, ok. anyway i have to go, i am going to the gym. Do any of you girls do sports?"

"Yeah I do loads" Lucy and Lowenna looked at Mia in dibelief. She had never done any sports in her life.

"What do you do?"

"Um.." Mia had no idea what to say, she would just have to admit she lied.


"She does ice skating and she is totally amazing!"

Mia mouthed a secret thank you at Lowenna.

"Ok, anyway. Goodbye." And with that he walked out her room. Mia made sure she heard the door slam shut before she let out a huge groan.

"I can never show my face again! He thinks I am amazing at ice-skating but I can barely stand up on ice without ice skates on, let alone with ice skates on!"

Mia's phone went off making her bed vibrate. Mia picked it up and put it on loudspeaker

"Hello Mia. I was just wondering if you wanted to come ice skating with me tomorrow?"

Her friends started shaking their heads madly and mouthing 'no'.


"Ok, goodbye!"

"Actually... wait...no!" But Troy had already cut her off.

"My life is over!"



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