A New York life

When Mia moves from freezing cold Cornwall to sunny New york she makes a group of wonderful friends who will do anything for her, even if it includes pretending she is amazing at ice skating. Mia is happy with her life until a Canadian boy turns up right next door. She will do anything to get him.


4. Lucy in love

"Mia are you listening to me?"

"What... sorry. I have up since 7am trying to find something to wear!" Mia's eyes began to droop again but she was brought to her senses by the doorbell going. "Lucy can you get that please? I have to finish getting ready."

"Get it yourself!" Lucy was adamant, "Stop it Mia!"

"Stop what?" Mia smiled mischievously.

"You know what! You're doing puppy eyes!" Lucy was going to complain some more but the doorbell cut her off. "Fine! I'll get it! But you owe me!" Lucy laughed as she ran downstairs. "Yes , yes i'm coming!" She shouted as the doorbell went for the third time. Lucy wrenched open the door and gasped. It was Troy, but he didn't matter. Lucy only had eyes for the person standing behind Troy. She stared lovingly at the boy, wishing he was hers. Noticing Lucy's gaze Troy intoduced the boy "This is my brother. Matt, this is Lucy. Lucy, this is Matt."

"Heeey..." Lucy looked around nervously as she thought of something cool to say "Um... nice car Troy.." She giggled before adding "Come in, Mia's upstairs getting ready."

Just as Matt and Troy stepped into the house, Mia came down the stairs, a coat draped over her arm. "We better get going, otherwise we wil be late."

Matt coughed meaningfuly and stepped forward "Hi Mia. I'm Matt, Troy's brother, I hope you two have fun." He grinned before turning to Lucy "Um.. I wondered if you.. um.. maybe wanted to go get a milkshake with um.. me?"

"Of course I would! I mean...um.. yeah ok."

Matt beamed at Lucy. "That's great!" He linked arms with Lucy and they wandered off down the street chatting, leaving Mia and Troy standing awkwardly in her doorway. "Come on then, lets go." Troy put his arm around Mia and led her to his car. "You drive?" Mia was surprised but nothing could replace the overwhelming joy of having Troy's arm wrapped around her waist. "I only just got my driving license." Mia got into the car and smiled at Troy

"Lets do this!"

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