A New York life

When Mia moves from freezing cold Cornwall to sunny New york she makes a group of wonderful friends who will do anything for her, even if it includes pretending she is amazing at ice skating. Mia is happy with her life until a Canadian boy turns up right next door. She will do anything to get him.


5. Knocked out

Mia's stomach was full of butterflies as she and Troy entered the ice skating building. They got their skates on and stumbled over to the opening in the rink where people were getting on and off. "It's impossible to walk on land with ice skates on!" Mia giggled anxiously as she stepped onto the rink. This was the moment her little lie was going to unravel.

Mia wobbled around the rink once while Troy had zoomed around about 10 times. Troy was incredible at ice skating, he could weave inbetween groups of people without even trying. Mia felt like crying, it was obvious she was not amazing at ice skating and that she'd lied to Troy.

"Hey! Mia." She was snatched from her thoughts by Troy's voice. He smiled warmly as he skated over.

Suddenly, a blur of a person shot past knocking Mia off balance. She shrieked as she fell, hitting the floor she heard a crack and felt a sharp pain in her arm. "Mia!" Tory's voice echoed in her ears and then everything went black.

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