A New York life

When Mia moves from freezing cold Cornwall to sunny New york she makes a group of wonderful friends who will do anything for her, even if it includes pretending she is amazing at ice skating. Mia is happy with her life until a Canadian boy turns up right next door. She will do anything to get him.


2. A revoulting room

"Well that was awkward." Lucy, Wenna and Mia dissolved into fits of giggles. "I didn't know what to say when he thought i was you, Mia!"

"Anyway, my mum has sent me a text saying she has finished decorating my room so i better go." waving goodbye, Mia ran off towards home.


Mia walked through the door and was greeted with a revolting smell. "Mum! What is that smell? It smells disgusting!"

"It is not disgusting, Mia. I am just trying out a new recipe, beef stew with mushrooms and tomatoes." Mia's mum replied coldly.

"I am just going to have a look at my new room!"

Mia burst in through her door and gasped. Her room was a horrible murky pink with green accessories. She ran down stairs and into the kitchen "Thanks for doing my room and everything, mum but it is just.. i sort think a better colour sceme would do it a whole lot of good."

"Basically, you don't like it?" Mia's mum was definitely not stupid.

Mia sighed "Well.. sort of.. no."

"I don't mind, well i do sort of but i can't make your decisions for you."

"Great! when can i start re-painting?" Mia couldn't wait to get rid of that horrible colour sceme.

"Oh, i'm sorry darling! I can't get anymore paint until monday."

"Oh." She was devastated, her room looked horrible and her friends were supposed to be sleeping round on Saturday. Nothing could be worse.

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