I see Ghosts.
I control Ghosts.
I control Death.

Don't you want to know more.


1. The new girl


Another Monday. School was loud and laughter filled the hall. Then the new girl came in as we walked to class. She showed no emotion in fact her face was blank. Her skin as pale as snow and her eyes black. She was wearing an old fashioned dress with a trimmed collar which swayed with the wind. She sat right at the back of the class. Everybody stared and when the bell went she didn't move.

At the end of the day I went to talk to her. "Hi." I said. She didn't reply. She just kept staring at the corner of the room. It seemed windy. I was starting to get a little freaked out. So I started to walk away but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I looked into her eyes, into the deepest and darkest parts of her soul. With her other arm she pointed to the corner. My eyes followed. My heart racing. It took the bravest parts of my soul not to scream at what she had shown me. For she had shown me death.

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