Burning heart.

Zoey couldn't help but watch, her boyfriend torn into three. Now she had to live with the three sides of him. One who ignores her and could find anything more interesting, Another who protects her with every will in his body, and The one who acts like her best friend. One thing is for sure they all love her still, but which one is really her Mike? Which one will she chose? Or can she get her angel back whole? Into the man she still longed for and loved. Or will she find her heart was just left a burning ball of anguish?


2. What to do.

“That was close!” one of the Mikes collapsed on the grass and let out a sigh of relief. “Are you ok Zoey?” One Mike came and looked all over my body, checking for injuries. The last Mike strutted over to the wall and sat as far away as possible. “I’m fine, but look at you, YOUVE BEEN SPLIT INTO THREE!” I gestured towards all of them. “I don’t know who or what to call you!” I put my hands on my head in an act of frustration. “This is my fault!”

“No its not!!” two of the Mikes protested, but the one on the wall just grunted. “OK I need to figure this out!” I looked around finally realising where we were standing, in the middle of my street. “Get inside!” I ordered. “Why?” the Mike on the wall questioned. “Do you want to explain to the neighbours how you, Mike Barker, went from being an only child, to magically having two identical brothers?”They shook their heads and filed inside.


I sat at my kitchen table, cup of steaming tea in my hands, just thinking. It was my entire fault no matter what they said; I knew he would be punished for falling in love with a human, let alone going out with one. But you can’t pick who you fall in love with, but I wish Mike could have, and then this wouldn’t have happened to him.  I never wanted him to get hurt.


I glanced at all of them; one had a silly look on his face, another more serious his eyes remaining on my steaming cup, the last staring out the window refusing to acknowledge existence. I couldn’t pick out any differences in their looks; they all had the same square jaw structures, deep sea blue eyes, and the golden mop of hair. The only thing I could use to tell the difference between them was their personalities.  “Right!” I thumped the mug off the table and looked at them. The more protective Mike flinched, as if he was going to grab the cup before I spilled it. “I am going to give you all different names.”  

“But I’m Mike!”

“No I am!”

“Shut up!!! You are all Mike, but you aren’t at the same time.” It was confusing but nothing in my life had been normal since I fell in love with my guardian angel, but I would find a way to get the old Mike back. “Right what do you guys want to be called?”


“Apart from that!!!” I snapped, it had been a stress filled day and I wanted it to end. I was on the edge now I knew that the devil could just come and take any of us in a flash. “Ok you are Tom.” I pointed at the Mike staring at my coffee. “You’re Luke.” I pointed to the Mike staring out of the window. “And you’re Jamie.” I pointed to the one with the childish grin plastered on his face. They all nodded. “Right, now you can sort out your sleeping arrangements, it’s been a long day so I’m off to bed.” I got up and headed for my bedroom, leaving them to argue amongst themselves where they were sleeping.

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