Burning heart.

Zoey couldn't help but watch, her boyfriend torn into three. Now she had to live with the three sides of him. One who ignores her and could find anything more interesting, Another who protects her with every will in his body, and The one who acts like her best friend. One thing is for sure they all love her still, but which one is really her Mike? Which one will she chose? Or can she get her angel back whole? Into the man she still longed for and loved. Or will she find her heart was just left a burning ball of anguish?


1. The devils lair.


I just watched helplessly, as the boy I loved was torn into three. The devils talons separated him into three, as an act of dominance. I cried as loud as I could, begging the devil to take me, but he wouldn’t have it. I watched as my boyfriend was beaten and eventually not whole. The fires of hell burned furiously and the devil chuckled at Mike’s threats. “You won’t, AHHH, get away with this!” He jerked his head back and forth, his soul being torn from his body. “I think I have.” The monster mused before giving one last tug and in front of me laid three, motionless bodies. The fires released me, I went to run to mike, but I didn’t know which one was him. “You monster!” I went to punch the devil but he vanished. I fell to my knees and cried tears that felt like the fires, or were close enough. 


I didn’t know where to go; I was trapped in the devils lair. The bodies started to let out groans as they struggled to their feet, looking weak and fragile. “Zoey!” All three Mikes yelled like clockwork. I didn’t know what to call them; I didn’t know who was who, I could sort that out when we got out of this fiery hell hole. “Wait, who are you?” they pointed at each other. “Introductions later guys, we need to go.” I wandered in a circle. “Guys how are we going to get out of here?” I asked them, praying they had a plan. Mike was dragged here for disobeying orders; I ended up here because I tried to save him. “Don’t worry Zoey I will get us out.” One of the Mikes stood forward and looked to the sky and nothing. He looked confused; normally two sparkling wings would have burst through his top and lift him from the ground, but it failed. He looked expecting the wings just to appear. He rubbed his head. “What is this?” I had to think for a second. “You have been split into three guys; think about it there are three parts to a guardian angel wasn't there?” They nodded their agreements. “Well it’s just a small hunch but maybe your powers have been split. One has the spells, one the ability to fly and the other maybe can enter heaven and you know has the guidance stuff.” They all frowned, I know my idea was crazy, but nothing in my life had been normal since I fell in love with my guardian angel. 


It took a while to sink in but I think they finally realised what I was edging towards. They all looked towards the rocky sky; one of them sprouted wings and floated in the air. It looked like my hunch was correct. “Alright well if we find the one of you that can enter heaven, you should be able to open a portal out of here.” The other two nodded, glaring at each other. “Ok create a ball of light.” I ordered, when a horrible screeching echoed in the cavern. A fire ball seemed to be rocketing around the room, hitting the ledges trying to grab onto them. Then its black eye spotted the group. It hissed baring large pointed teeth and redirected itself and headed towards them. “FOR CHRISTS SAKE MAKE A BALL OF LIGHT!!!!!”  The boys both clapped their hands together and one of them formed a ball of light and let it glide its way towards the beast. The creature let out a bone grinding call and retreated into the darkness of the caves. 


I let out a sigh. “Alright will you create a portal?” I asked the only one left, he declined his head and turned away. That was weird; Mike never said 'nothing' to me. He raised his hands in the air and muttered. “Open to where my mind wants to go!” He demanded pulling out a small white gold pin. He touched the midair and a small light began to emerge from nowhere. When it stopped increasing in size he picked up a piece of dirt which turned into white dust, he blew it into the air and the light burst to fill to room blinding us. Once the light died down we could see my house. Flowers slowly blowing in the wind gracefully, the white bricks beginning to lose their colour. It was my home. “Ok ok time to go!!” The Mike with wings landed, wings retreating into his back, without leaving a cut. I turned to see the fiery blob returning, with a bunch of his friends. We ran through the portal, Mike blowing the dust, closing the portal and blocking out the battle cries of the Reddocs.

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