die Schusswaffe

A Professional German Assassin, payed to murder a certain well known figure in history, J.F.K.


1. Prologue:The Politician.

Amir Baklav was a member of the Liberal Democrat Party, in Japan. He was no High-Ranking official, he didn't even have a proper job; he was just a member. All that he knew anyway, was that the Lib'Dems were in power and he wanted to be with the people in charge. Right now he was walking home to his one room slum in the outskirts of Shinshiro. Whilst he walked down the sad, empty alley that led to his house, he saw someone walking towards him, the man (he had assumed it was a man, due to the tone of his voice) was singing.-he also concluded that the man was drunk, and American. He worked this out via his accent, and the way he stumbled around.-When Amir reached the American, he was blocked by him and asked, "Excuse me my old spiffer! What year is it?" Amir decided he did not like the man, but still he replied, distainfully, "1963." After that they walked past each. Amir would have carried on walking, but he heard a small rustling behind him. He turned to see what the American was doing. There was a small click, as the trigger of the silenced Luger Pistol was pulled. Amir saw the bullet that struck him straight between the eyes, he was dead before he hit the ground. Amir had been fooled; this man was not American, and he certainly wasn't drunk, this man was Professional German Assassin, Kurt Sneider: and he had just taken out his target. Kurt Sneider was walking calmly out of the Liberal Democrat HQ in Japan, he had just been paid 5000 Deutsch Marks to kill a lowly official of the Liberal Democrats, to cause a bit of spice; to show that the Lib'Dems would not cower away if someone tried to scare them. To any normal man, this proposition would seem very sick, but not to Kurt Sneider, he didn't care as long as he got paid. The targets name was Amir Baklav. He lived in a one-room slum on the outskirts of Shinshiro. He had been told that no one would really care about Amir's death, because he had no family, no proper job, and frankly, they completely disregarded him. The target was estimated to walk down a dark, empty alley at about half past six in the evening, the time at present was ten past four, he had two hours, this was going to be a breeze.

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