Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


22. u is for unique

It had been 2 months since the proposal, and I decided I needed to start looking for a dress. I was actually really close with Liam's girlfriend Lilly, so we went wedding dress shopping together. I had tried on about 20 different dresses, we'd been in the shop for hours until I tried on the last one. I walked out to show Lilly and she was speechless. 'What? Is it that bad?' I sighed. '' She said, whilst her eyes filled up with tears. 'It's beautiful' she told me. 'Don't cry!' I laughed, whilst giving her a hug. I turned around and looked in the mirror. I put my hand to my mouth, and also started to well up. It was perfect. 'This is the one' I whispered.

I bought the dress, and next month was hectic. We booked cars, venues, bought decorations, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, suits, cake, everything. It was a long task, and we both prayed it would end up okay, seeing it was only a few weeks away.

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