Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


16. p is for problems

'Gabriella?' He said confused, I could hear the worry in his voice. I let my head drop down as I sighed. 'And Zayn?!' He cried. 'Man, i'm so sorry, I didn't even realize, it wasn't meant to happen' Zayn explained, quietly. I looked at Louis out of the corner of my eye, avoiding eye contact with him. 'Gabriella, explain please?' I heard him shout. 'I..I'm sorry' I whispered. 'Zayn, get out' Louis snarled, as he grabbed my arms and held me up to himself. A tear shot down face, I was scared. 'I loved you Gabby, I loved you so much and I thought you loved me. Obviously not if you go and do this' He whispered in digust. 'I'm sorry Louis, it was a mistake' I replied, through quiet gasps of cries. 'This was a mistake? Or maybe our whole relationship was a mistake Gabby, maybe you never loved me, maybe I was wasting my time' He spat out. I was speechless for 30 seconds. 'You think I don't love you?You think I don't dream about you every second of every day?Your my world Louis, i've never loved anybody so much in my whole entire life' I said softly. 'Well, it's a bit late for excuses now isn't it?' He muttered, as he went to open the door. 'Goodbye Louis' I whispered, as I dropped the bracelet he gave me, on the floor and walked out the room in sobs of tears.

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