Hurts like heaven

I was just a fan. I had the posters, I had the merchandise. I never thought i'd end up having Louis Tomlinson♥


13. m is for moments

'So, theres a party tonight apparantley' Louis said, as he read a text from his phone. 'Oh, whose?' I asked, curious. 'Niall's friend is having a massive one tonight, you wanna go? The boys will be there as well' He asked, as he grinned. 'Yeah, why not' I laughed, as I could tell he wanted to go. I had a shower, and dried my hair as I sat on the edge of my bed in my towel, staring at my wardrobe. 'What the hell am I supposed to wear?' I asked Louis. He laughed as he pulled me onto his lap. 'It doesn't matter, you'll look gorgeous no matter what' He said softly as he played with my hair, and kissed me. After i'd spent about 20 minutes deciding on what to wear, I finally decided on a simple tight black dress, with some silvery studded heels. I curled my long brown hair, and did my makeup. 'Ready?' I heard Louis say from downstairs. 'Yeah, almost' I yelled, as I grabbed a clutch and walked downstairs. 'Wow' Louis said, as he looked me up and down. 'Stop it, your embarrasing me!' I laughed jokily, as he took my hand and opened the car door for me. When we got there, the party was already in full swing. We spent probably a few hours mingling with some people I didn't know, but also the boys from one direction. After a while, Louis took my hand and whispered in my ear 'Follow me' He led me upstairs, and I was pretty drunk already so he picked me up, and carried me into a bedroom. He lay me down on a bed, and just looked in each others eyes. 'Even though, I know i'm drunk..' I mumbled, 'I still know that I love you more than anything' I said, slurring my words. Louis laughed and stroked my hair. 'I love you too baby' He said, before leaning in and kissing me. This was a new exciting kiss, passionate and rough, yet still dignified and romantic. We broke away for a few seconds, catching our breath, he was smiling while I was quietly giggling. He pushed his lips against mine again, and I ran my hands through his hair, as I felt his tongue slide exoticly into my smiling mouth. We heard the door open, and broke away as we saw Harry standing there, bright red. 'Oh..I..I wondered where you were' He stuttered, as Louis laughed and sat up. I giggled and pulled him back down, where we just cuddled for a bit. 'Time to get you home I think' he whispered.

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